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UITextFields: event click to "Return key" on keyboard

The keyboard includes a “return key”, which can be linked to any action, such as moving to the next field on the form, this we can do with overload function textFieldShouldReturn. Read More

Add button with custom image and action into navigationItem

How easily add a button with action to UINavigationItem, which is contained in UINavigationController Read More

iOS 6: correctly use ABAddressBookRequestAccessWithCompletion

In iOS 6 is always necessary to verify that the application has access to the contacts directory. Read More

Send a push notification to iOS devices

Simple send a push notification to APPLE APNs server. Read More

iTunes 11 can’t install ipa file

iTunes 11 have sometime problems with installing ipa files How to manage IPA files into iOS device when we can’t use iTunes. Read More

Add custom fonts to Xcode

If you want to use custom font in Xcode, you must first add it to the application. Read More

Remote connection to heroku (Postgre sql) database

How to easily connect to PostgreSQL, hosted on Heroku, with pgAdmin. Read More

CarrierWave: Fog and File Storage combination

Currently on a project that we do, where we use for upload files CarrierWave gem, we need to combine: Fog and: File storage by the environment settings. Read More

iPhone & iPad developer: NSNotification, NSNotificationCenter

Občas velmi užitečným mechanismem pro předávání zpráv mezi dvěma objekty může být použití notifikací. Read More

Safe repository. Hack SVN (GIT hack)

If you are using for your website any repository system, beware how you do deploy the web. Read More

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