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iOS app: Hrady a zámky České republiky a proč jsem si to udělal sám?

…udělal jsem aplikaci, dal jí do AppStore, můžete ji používat, nemusíte za ji platit, nemám z toho žádný přínos ani zisk (jenom ten morální). Proč? Poprvé jsem si to udělal sám a sám si to sice neumím udělat nejlíp, ale sám si to umím udělat podle svých představ.
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iOS locationManager: location update in my own interval with application in the background

If we run the LocationManager in the background, running all the time without a break. This method is especially demanding on the battery, and do not always need to detect location continuously. Often we need to know the location of the specified interval.


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iOs 6: How to open the native application with navigation

Ios version 6 and higher deprecated Google Maps. How to properly open and navigate user to the target object in a native application?

MKMapItem class

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Sending a message or email from iOS devices

Often you need your application to be able to send users emails or messages. In iOS, this can be done simply by MessageUI framework. Read More

UITextFields: event click to "Return key" on keyboard

The keyboard includes a “return key”, which can be linked to any action, such as moving to the next field on the form, this we can do with overload function textFieldShouldReturn. Read More

Add button with custom image and action into navigationItem

How easily add a button with action to UINavigationItem, which is contained in UINavigationController Read More

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