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PHP: Protection public cron jobs

Programmers often forget to protect cron jobs that are executed in public addresses. Especially if you have shared hosting, it is usually difficult to secure run cron tasks.


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PHP HOW TO: create server API

In one my project, i need to be able to connect to and communicate with the server and use some of its features. I had to create a simple API that will be used for communication. This is my simple solution, how to create API.


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Image Search by color (PHP) #part1

Perhaps you’ve ever come across a problem that you need to search images by their color (like it has google at images.google.com).

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PHP: Zend framework and Oracle cursors

Working with Oracle cursors is in Zend very limited. There is only a simple class Zend_Db_Cursor_Oracle that can handle SQL query and return the whole result.


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PHP tip: Do not use functions in end condition of for loop

Function, which is called inside the loop is executed always in each iteration.
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PHP Photo Instagram filters

Simple class to create a filters similar like Instagram filters
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Windows and Mysql: slow connection to database

If you have windows 7 or newer and connects to the mysql database, you may be happened that the connection is very slow. Read More

How to display last photos from Instagram on your site

Problem with Instagram is that doesn’t support any simple interface for user posts like some simple XML of RSS feed which could be easily processed. Read More

Acquisition Category structure of the XML feed

How a simple get a structure of menu from eshop from shop’s XML for feed aggregators? Read More

(Ne)Objektové programování v PHP

Jde ještě v dnešní době programovat v PHP neobjektově (imperativně)? Read More

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