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iTunes 11 can’t install ipa file

iTunes 11 have sometime problems with installing ipa files How to manage IPA files into iOS device when we can’t use iTunes.

itunes install ipa file

A simple way to install ipa files is to drag into iTunes and installing via the ‘Applications’ bookmark on the device.

My iTunes has a problem with this method and the application is never installed (I only see the message “will be installed” but the application is not installed).


itunes install ipa file


Alternative: iPhone Configuration Utility

Fortunately there is an alternative way, software from Apple: iPhone Configuration Utility. (You can download from Apple website: iPhone Configuration Utility).

The procedure is simple and similar as in iTunes

  • Drag IPA file into “Application” bookmark
  • Open Device and open “application” tab
  • Find your application and click to install

itunes install ipa file

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