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PHP Photo Instagram filters

Simple class to create a filters similar like Instagram filters
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iPhone: evaluate the strength of GPS signal

GPS in IOS applications can work properly only if it has a good signal. In the application it is necessary to detect as the signal is strong. Read More

iOS Running a timer within your app is in the background

Sometimes, you need to run the timer when the application is in the background as you do this? Read More

Playing with MySQL: GROUP BY

SQL function “Group by” would be primarily used to grouping the result values. Its use may be larger, and the results may be most usefull. Read More

Base64.encode64 in Ruby split the resulting string

Be careful when using Base64 library and the encode64 function. Unpleasant feature of this function is that after every 60 characters add to the resulting string “\n”. Read More

Google Maps – place marker with radius

Location of the marker in the map by mouse event. The system draws a radius around a point by a specified distance. Read More

Objective-C: Creating sha1 byte array

I solved an interesting problem that I needed to create a SHA1 hash, but the result had to be a byte array. Read More

Windows and Mysql: slow connection to database

If you have windows 7 or newer and connects to the mysql database, you may be happened that the connection is very slow. Read More

Sending a message or email from iOS devices

Often you need your application to be able to send users emails or messages. In iOS, this can be done simply by MessageUI framework. Read More

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