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iOS app: Hrady a zámky České republiky a proč jsem si to udělal sám?

…udělal jsem aplikaci, dal jí do AppStore, můžete ji používat, nemusíte za ji platit, nemám z toho žádný přínos ani zisk (jenom ten morální). Proč? Poprvé jsem si to udělal sám a sám si to sice neumím udělat nejlíp, ale sám si to umím udělat podle svých představ.
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iOS locationManager: location update in my own interval with application in the background

If we run the LocationManager in the background, running all the time without a break. This method is especially demanding on the battery, and do not always need to detect location continuously. Often we need to know the location of the specified interval.


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iOs 6: How to open the native application with navigation

Ios version 6 and higher deprecated Google Maps. How to properly open and navigate user to the target object in a native application?

MKMapItem class

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iPhone: evaluate the strength of GPS signal

GPS in IOS applications can work properly only if it has a good signal. In the application it is necessary to detect as the signal is strong. Read More

iOS Running a timer within your app is in the background

Sometimes, you need to run the timer when the application is in the background as you do this? Read More

Objective-C: Creating sha1 byte array

I solved an interesting problem that I needed to create a SHA1 hash, but the result had to be a byte array. Read More

iOS 6: correctly use ABAddressBookRequestAccessWithCompletion

In iOS 6 is always necessary to verify that the application has access to the contacts directory. Read More

Send a push notification to iOS devices

Simple send a push notification to APPLE APNs server. Read More

iTunes 11 can’t install ipa file

iTunes 11 have sometime problems with installing ipa files How to manage IPA files into iOS device when we can’t use iTunes. Read More

Add custom fonts to Xcode

If you want to use custom font in Xcode, you must first add it to the application. Read More

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